Prices Have Risen

 prices_have_risen_email  Remember not too long ago when all you heard or read in the news was how home values were going to keep falling? Well, it didn’t happen. In fact, not only did values stop dropping, but in almost all areas of the country, prices have risen well off the lows. In a few metros, they’ve even reached new highs.

We tend to take a far more factual and historical view of our market rather than the speculative and sensational perspectives you often see in the media. We often cite facts, such as the record affordability that came with falling rates and prices. That particular information led us to anticipate what we see today—price appreciation

Be aware that what you hear in the media is often not the best information for making decisions with consequences that last longer than the current news cycle. Homeownership generally falls into that category.

When long-term information is what you want, come see us. We’re happy to help.

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